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In the beginning...

         The Center was founded and chartered as a church by Rev. Hazel Hein with a small,  but faithful group of people.   When Rev. Hein retired as pastor, Rev. Coline Collins from Fresno commuted to Visalia for a couple of years in the early 1980’s and served part time,   speaking at Sunday morning services.   She was,  however, unavailable for classes and other pastoral services.  The  church went through a rough period, diminishing in number of members and attendees and in 1987 lost its church charter due to its relatively inactive status.

          In 1987 Rev. Sandy Jacob  was staff minister in Fresno.   Only about 5 or 6 people remained active in the Visalia church. Rev. Jacob decided to serve as its new pastor and under her excellent leadership the church grew from a membership of 10 to 75, resulting in the church charter being restored in 1988.

          Rev. Jacob served until 1998, passing the mantle of leadership to Rev. Linda Wise.   Rev. Wise served as pastor for 2 years,   followed by Rev. Patty Spicer who served as  an interim  minister for several months  while the Board carefully considered their choice of a new pastor. Rev. Robert Dean III was chosen and served as pastor for 2-½ years. In June of 2003 Rev. Kathleen Scott was elected as Pastor and, after 12 years of service, she retired on June 7, 2015.

Rev. Clancy Blakemore temporarily took the reins in June 2015 so that we could work through the Co-Creation process, then Timothy Rich took the reins in an unofficial capacity while finishing school. Now that he's completed the licensing requirements, Rev. Timothy has been named Senior Minister and Spiritual Director.

Movin’ on...

         The church first started meeting at the Women’s Club in Visalia, then moved to an office building on Mooney Blvd.  It utilized a variety of spaces over the years, meeting at the Elks Club on West Main,  the Rotary Theater  and the back of the California Federal Bank building until we purchased our present building at 117 S. Locust in 1995.

         Consciousness created this Center and commitment has kept it going.   An inspired and well-supported vision is what is taking us into the future with increased attendance,  lives transformed,  abundance experienced,  and a positive influence upon the larger community.  Having come this far, we are ready to go beyond mere survival.  We believe we are ready to thrive!

Our History