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Thursday evenings, 7:30 p. m. to 9 p.m.

Cost is $ 18/lesson. (beginner)

$ 23/lesson (advanced/intermediate)

Drum Rental: $5

Beginner and Intermediate lessons are

switched each week.

African Drumming

Wadaba is a top-notch master drummer from Guinea, West Africa, and is a patient and charming teacher.  

This Intermediate/Advanced level class is for students with some drumming background, who want to become skilled at playing the intricate syncopated parts of the Mandeng drumming orchestra.

The melodious pieces have up to 7 different parts, interlinked together on djembe, kenkeni, sangban, and dununba (aka “jun-jun”) drums.

Keio will be teaching the class at a relaxed pace. The emphasis will be on raising confidence, and sense of rhythm, with African djembe and dunun drumming. Also basic drumming and percussion for many world drums and hand instruments.

Students learn traditional African rhythms, and instrument technique. Also Drum Jam dynamics and how to reach the group's highest rhythmic potential. A Drum Jam or Circle is a group of people who create rhythms, song, and dance for fun, on the spot.

It's about being musical and feeling the rhythm spirit!

African Drumming

With Wadaba


7:30-9:00 p.m.



Wadaba and Keio

African Dance


Traditional African Dance


Beginners - $12

559-561-6556 keiodrums@sbcglobal.net

Keio teaches folkloric dance, as done in the villages of upper Guinea. Some of you may have seen some dances at Wadaba’s shows!

Classes are simple enough for most ages, and are not too athletic.

Many African dance classes teach "African ballet style" and are super exciting, high-powered classes. But for some, those can be overwhelming.

Traditional dances are simpler, so that the whole village can enjoy dancing.

Keio teaches the "feel" and "soul" of the dance, to free the joy!