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Baggie Ministry

‘Tis wet out there.  Those who are spending their time on the streets of Visalia could use a little TLC and Love.  While circumstances may be challenging for those without a place to call home, we can help them feel less alone.  While there are programs available to homeless people that provide clothing, meals, even shelter, education and rehabilitation, we can still provide simple encouragement and emotional support with our smile and the sharing of a simple baggie.

We appreciate all that you do to assist others and help make our place in the world a bit better.


Thank you to all who participate in the Baggie Ministry and bring love and comfort to those who live a challenged life.

If you wish to be a distributor of baggies, please let Bev Sigo know and she will provide you with baggies.

Message of (and in) the Baggies:

 Wherever you are, wherever you go,

 From our heart to your heart,

 Please know that you are loved.

Contact Bev Sigo at 713-6448.

From the Desk of the Baggie Ministry…

Our Baggie Ministry was formed in mid-2013 by Center Member and Board Member Tim Rich as a way of reaching out and touching those less fortunate in our community.  The bags filled with water, toiletries and food are given out by the members of our Center to people they meet on the street who are obviously living in distressing circumstances.  There is no expectation of remuneration or gratitude for the small gift they hand out, but we hear many stories of thankfulness expressed by the recipients.

All who wish to partake in this Ministry are welcome.  Please contact Bev Sigo for information.