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Musicians Collaborate On New CD Heartsongs Album Recorded

Rev. Kathleen Scott has been writing songs since she was a young girl. Marco Rodriguez has been studying music and composition since he was young. Last spring, their talents came together to create a CD and songbook of Rev. Kathleen’s inspirational songs.

 “I always made up silly songs to amuse my relatives—goofy stuff,” said Kathleen. “My mother and I wrote some country western songs. We even gave a tape to Willie Nelson. My mom wrote the lyrics. I’d make up stories and songs for my kids.”

 Kathleen always wanted to sing. She remembers being in the back of her parents’ car when she was 7 or 8. “I told God if he would help me learn to be a musician, I’d write songs for him.”

 Well, she got her chance to train as a professional opera singer and sang around the world. She moved back to California in 1984 and a few years later started learning about Religious Science. While serving as the assistant minister at the Center for Spiritual Discovery in Costa Mesa, her minister would ask her to write songs.

 “My pastor would call me with a few days notice and ask me to write a song for Sunday on a certain subject.”

 She realized that a simple spiritual idea put to a catchy tune could integrate a concept more easily.

 “A lot of the songs I wrote for myself to provide myself with some spiritual truth I needed at the time.” Most are based on statements by Science of Mind founder, Ernest Holmes. They’re the simple to learn songs we sing at the Center each Sunday.

 Last spring, she realized she needed to do something creative. Her mother and a client had died, and she was feeling sad and burned out. She decided to record her songs and create a songbook that other churches could use.

 The timing was right because Marco had recently become the church’s pianist.

 “I had heard Marco play, but he was in Mexico finishing his degree. We were trying to replace Kim Kamerin, and I was doing treatments to find a musician who could do it all,” said Kathleen.

 Marco grew up in Chiapas, the southern most state in Mexico, where the state instrument is the marimba. Marco won numerous contests on the instrument as a boy. He studied performance and composition at the University of Sciences and Arts in Chiapas and toured around the world with such musicians as Ricky Martin and Rocio Durcal, a famous singer from Spain.

 He writes music on the computer, creating sounds of any and all instruments and is currently making a third album for Center member, Doug Hurt.When Marco returned to Visalia, Kathleen offered him a job at the Center.

 “That first Sunday when I heard him play, it was a jazz standard. “What he did with that song was so brilliant. When I realized the depth of his musicianship, I knew he had all the skills to do this CD. He’s up there with the best jazz musicians I’ve ever heard.”

 Marco wrote out all the charts and did the full accompaniment to Kathleen’s singing. The result is “HeartSongs,” a CD to inspire and lift the spirit.

HeartSongs, both a CD and songbook of 12 original songs by Kathleen Scott, are available in the bookstore for $20 and $15.  Kathleen is donating 10% of all sales to the Spiritual Awareness Center.  CD and Songbook can also be ordered thorough Kathleen’s website: kathleenscottsongs.com.

Rev. Kathleen Scott and Marco Rodriquez