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Classes at the Center Who Was Ernest Holmes

By Janis Lehmann, Religious Science practitioner

“There is a Power greater than I am and I accept it.  

And no matter what the mistakes are, the universe holds nothing against us, ever”

           Ernest Holmes



An obituary article in the April 8, 1960, Los Angeles Times, called Ernest Holmes “one of America’s leading churchmen-philosophers.” Ernest Holmes passed away at the age of 72, leaving behind a legacy that is now flourishing in the world. Ernest’s occupational resume was eclectic. He had been a butcher’s apprentice, scout master, purchasing agent, and self-taught lecturer.  He published his first book, “Creative Mind,” in 1918 at the age of 31. He started a magazine, “Uplift” which in 1927 became “Science of Mind” and is still published today. His lectures caused some to seek him out for in-depth mentoring which grew into the Institute of Religious Science and Philosophy, where men and women could be trained as practitioners of the art of Spiritual Mind Treatment, the particular form of affirmative prayer that he was developing.  

Profound influences on Ernest’s thinking included Jesus Christ, Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose transcendentalist essays he had read growing up in rural Maine; the Christian Science doctrine of Mary Baker Eddy; and the mental science ideas of British judge Thomas Troward. He called himself Christian, but defined true Christianity as adherence to the specific teachings of Jesus on forgiveness, loving one another, prayer “in faith believing” and God as a loving Father rather than a cruel disciplinarian. He rejected all notions of duality, whether of opposing good and evil forces wrestling over the world’s soul, or obstinate humankind and its grieving Creator.  

What it all boils down to, though, is this: All is One. Thoughts and feelings mesh into creative beliefs which then “outpicture” as qualities of personal experience. Mind and body are a unified whole; earth and her inhabitants interrelate in ways we had not imagined. And the bottom of it all is not some tiny originating “stuff,” as at the bottom of a cup of tea, but pure and intelligent energy that layers itself as patterns on into infinity-Universal Mind.

Ernest Holmes had a dream and his dream is simply to have all of us be well and happy and being who we are while graciously extending this awareness of the fullness and majesty of life to all the world’s peoples. “That the living Spirit shall walk through us anew into its own creation and a new glory will come with a new dawn.”

                       Taken from  “The Essential Ernest Holmes,” edited by the Reverend Jesse Jennings

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