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For it is in giving that we receive…
- Saint Francis

Any contribution you make to Center is greatly appreciated.  While your financial support is important for the well-being and continuation of our Center, so are you.  The contribution of you attending services and volunteering your time and talents is immeasurable.  We cannot stress enough the gratitude we have for all you bring to our Center.  Everyone attending the Center benefits from each other.

Ways To Give

The Center for Spiritual Living Visalia is a non-profit religious organization in the State of California. The ministry of this spiritual community is sustained primarily by the contributions of members and friends. If you would like to contribute to the Center for Spiritual Living, you may do so in a number of ways.


Ways to Volunteer

There are many Labour’s of Love needed to keep the Center running.  

Our Committees are:


Flower Arrangers



Open Mind Bookstore


Sacred Space Maintenance and Cleaning

Sunday morning teachers and youth coordinators

Youth and Teen Program Developers/Coordinators

Please contact any of our Board of Trustees or office staff at the Center on Sunday morning or call 559-625-2441 for information on volunteering at Center.


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Wish List

Facilities Department would like to receive:

Cleaning rags

Auto floor scrubber

Donations for cleaning supplies

Donations for paper products

Education Ministry would like to receive:

Contributions to our Education Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are given to those who take classes but cannot afford to pay to receive credit.  Accredited courses are needed for the path of practitioner training.

Events and Programs would like to receive:

Pastel color copy paper 8 ½ x 11

Plain white copy paper 8 ½ x 11

#10 Plain white envelopes

Go to CSLVisalia V-DAC page The S.H.A.R.E.S. Program has changed!

If you’ve been using the SHARES card and you want to continue benefiting the Center, we have a new program called eScrip:

Instructions to sign up for eScrip which is the replacement program for SHARES

Go to www.escrip.com

Choose “Sign up now”

Follow the remaining instructions on the website.

When asked to choose an organization type:  Center for Spiritual Living Visalia

Amazon Smile Program

If you shop on amazon.com, please consider shopping on smile.amazon.com. You can choose a charity to receive contributions based on your purchases. 0.5% of each purchase will come directly to our Center. Simply shop at  smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com. Choose Centers for Spiritual Living Visalia as your charity of choice and shop to your hearts content.