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by Sharon Banister, RScP


I know and believe that there is only one Life, one Divine Loving Intelligence.

As an individual manifestation of this One, my life is contained within Its Life.   Just as the wave cannot exist separately from the ocean I cannot exist separately from Spirit.  As the ocean gives its power to the wave I know Spirit gives Its power to each and every manifestation.  As expressions of Spirit, I know that I am and everyone is also the unconditional Love that is Spirit.

As each of us accepts this unconditional Love from Spirit, we are free to be loving to others, without the need to be loved in return.   We allow ourselves to graciously and freely pass this love on to others in our world.  Moving forward and expressing the Love that is Spirit, opportunities come into our experience through which we can share this love.  We are each the action of Spirit in every encounter, every situation, every activity in which we find ourselves.  Every action we take to give of ourselves to our community is an act of love.  Selflessly passing on unconditional love multiplies itself, bringing gifts to all.  Participating in this loving action, in whatever way, brings good to everyone.  Seva—selfless service, becomes a spiritual practice that brings joy and happiness.

I am so grateful for this Truth, for the opportunity to express Spirit in the highest and best way.

Relaxing in the expectation of joy I release these words to the Creative Law of Mind and know that it is done.  And so it is.

Close your eyes.  Listen to the silence. Rest in the peace of the moment.