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by Kathy Moore, RScP

There is a Power for good in the universe.  It manifests in all life and expresses as me.  I am one with all.  I see life as an extension of the attributes of the divine.  I value the love, peace, joy, abundance and beauty that surrounds me. As I live my life with the consciousness of divine Intelligence I share those qualities with everyone that I come in contact with.  I see the love in the eyes of those I pass, I feel the peace in nature that surrounds me, I know the joy of  a child’s smile, I am abundant with creative ideas that fill my heart and I share the beauty of acceptance and understanding with others.  All attributes of Spirit are mine to experience and mine to live.  As I share these attributes with others my world expands and my eyes are opened to the miracles that life holds.  I understand that everyone I meet is another expression of Spirit expressing in their own beautiful way!  As I come together with another our differences dissolve and love grows, life expands and we each add to this experience we call Life!  Yes, life is good and very good and So it is!!!

Close your eyes.  Listen to the silence. Rest in the peace of the moment.