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by Rev. Timothy Rich

I breathe in deeply of the breath of Spirit, knowing that Spirit is all there is. Spirit is Abundance and Prosperity and the Allness of Life. Spirit is Perfect Design and Impeccable Timing. Spirit is that which Live and Moves and has its being in all of creation. Spirit moves through the Universe with Ease and Grace. I know, beyond any doubt, that I am One of God, Born of God; Living and Breathing God. And I know that this is the Absolute and Perfect truth of all people. I know that the Abundance of God is mine now. I know that the Source of Prosperity is my source. I know that the Allness of God flows through my veins, is the breath in my lungs and is the Power within my body. I know that Spirit’s Perfect Design is the blueprint of my life and the Exact Right Timing of God is the timing that dictates when all blessings come flowing forth. I know that plenty and much, much more flows to me and to all with ease and grace. I am so deeply grateful for this truth, for the remembrance of this truth and for knowing that God is always the answer. I release my word to the automatic action of the Law that says, “YES!”. And let God be God. And so it is.

Close your eyes.  Listen to the silence. Rest in the peace of the moment.

(Written in first person, please take it as your own)