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by Teresa Day,  Practitioner Student

Close your eyes.  Listen to the silence. Rest in the peace of the moment.

(Written in first person, please take it as your own)

I know God as new beginnings, as a fresh start to everything. God is the inspiration of all new ideas and is the power behind everything in idea and in form. I know God as alive, as all of life itself. I know God as seed, as birth, as the start of all creativity in body, mind and soul. God is belief, God is newness of energy, God is the answer and explanation for all inquiries, past, present and future. God is completely available to us always, everywhere; in the present new moment of right now. I know God as the music, as the poetry, as the prayer, as the activity and as new movement of everything. I know God as unconditional love, support, protection and freedom in all actions and in all stillness.

As God is all of life, I am in God as well. My life, my mind, my soul, my creativity and my new ideas are all God individualized in me! As I know and rejoice newly in this fresh presence in me, I know and celebrate this to be true of all us in the congregation of this Center and in the world at large!

In this expression of God that the congregation is fully aware of in our new year, each is filled with the capacity and desire to accept and bring Spirit into our new daily lives with prayer, treatment, meditation and study. Each is inspired to continue our practice and awareness of God in the beginning of every day of this New Year and every year afterwards. Each understands that our lives are a direct demonstration of the measure of our belief in God even deeper and this inspires each of us to live our faith deeply and daily. Demonstrations become apparent in our lives and we rejoice in them, give thanks for them and recreate them constantly. Each is newly joyful, inspired and committed to daily grow our practice, our community and our lives.

I am so grateful for this New Year! I am so grateful for our new daily practices and for the awareness of Science of Mind. I am so grateful for the support that we give and get from each other in this New Year and from and for the growth of and in our amazing Center!

It is with complete faith and gratitude that I release this treatment into the Creative Law of God where I know full well that it is already done! AND SO IT IS!

A ‘Treatment’ is not about convincing God to do something for us. It is becoming aware of the God presence within.

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