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Raise the Roof

In the history of our country, especially out in the west, general contractors who dropped by your property and build a house did not exist.  Neighbors gathered and helped you build your barn or “Raise the Roof.”  We are now in need of a neighbor or two to help us “Raise the Roof.”  

If you attended the Center during the rainy months earlier this year you probably noticed that the roof leaked. And the ceiling peeled.  So we fixed it.  The roof, that is, not the rain.  And we  fixedthe ceiling.  And now the neighbor part.  Now you have an opportunity to share in fixing our roof and ceiling. You don’t even have to climb a ladder either.  Nor do you have to paint the ceiling.  We are asking you to say a prayer and bless our roof with a long, long life.  And if you could, maybe you could participate in our

Hot August Daze

Opportunity Drawing

It was a bit expensive.  And we are trying to pay it off.  And if you purchase a ticket for $25, your name will be entered in the Hot August Daze Drawing and you could win $625.  Or a Gift Certificate to Cafe 225. We are only selling 250 tickets, so the odds are good and the prize is worth the investment. Please. And thank you for whatever you are able to do.

Raise the Roof Campaign