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It was a solemn and emotional ceremony with moments of joy and laughter when Timothy Rich was officially installed as CSL Visalia’s senior minister and spiritual director on Oct. 27. The evening began with a procession of ministers and practitioners who have been important in Rev. Timothy’s ministerial training.

Conducting the ceremony were Rev. Dr. Bob Deen, former CSL Visalia minister and now the dean of education at the CSL home office in Colorado, and Rev. Robert Collins, regional support coordinator and Timothy’s first teacher in ministerial school.

Rev. Bob told those assembled that he hadn’t been sure that the Center should accept Timothy as its spiritual director intern a year-and-a-half ago, before Timothy had finished his ministerial training, but Rev. Bob was thrilled to see how well it had worked out. He also said that the Center had set a precedent: three other centers around the country are now doing the same thing.

During the ceremony, Rev. Timothy committed himself to the CSL principles and the Center. Then first the board and then the practitioners circled him to agree to accept and support him as their minister.

It is customary to present a gift, usually a stole, to the new minister. Justin Pursley, Timothy’s husband, placed the stole on Timothy’s shoulders. Timothy explained that he had searched for the perfect stole but couldn’t find one. So he sketched out what he wanted, and the stole was created by Susan Tveit and gifted by Nancy McGinnis and Teresa Day.

Following the ceremony, everyone adjourned to the “magical land” set up with lights in the alley behind the center for dinner.

Congratulations, Rev. Timothy!

Rev. Dr. Bob Deen and Rev. Timothy

On Friday,  October 27, 2017 Reverend Timothy Rich was installed

Rev. Bob Deen and Justin Pursley

placing the stole on Rev. Timothy