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—but don’t call him reverend just yet!

 The day Timothy Rich, our spiritual director intern, has been waiting for over three years finally happened June 17. He graduated from the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership with a Certificate of Consciousness Studies.

 But you can’t call him Rev. Tim just yet. He still has to sit for his licensing panel on July 25. After that, he’ll have the official title.

 Family members, friends and members of CSL Visalia made the trip to San Jose where the ceremony was held. It was a ceremony both beautiful and emotional.

 When the stole was placed over Timothy’s head and his diploma presented, “it was one of the five best days of my life,” he said afterward.

 In introducing him, Rev. Robert Brzezinski, one of the teachers, said about Tim, “There is no star brighter than Tim. He has listened, fought with me and told me I was wrong. He has been an anchor of our community. He has a heart as big as you can imagine and brings it to everyone he touches.”

 Linda Watson, Tim’s mentor throughout the three-year ministerial school, returned to Visalia after the graduation with Tim to serve as practitioner on Sunday. This is what she told the congregation:

 “Timothy always says this community has loved and nurtured him. I met Timothy when he had just graduated from practitioner training. I noticed him. He had a way about him. Later he was in charge of a practitioner retreat. He always had the intuitive sense of what to do. I knew he would be a great leader.

 “His heart is so beautiful. He’s gotten the attention of many of our leaders, but I told them he’s taken. You’ve gotten a prize. I know it will be an incredible journey. So avail yourself of Timothy. Take classes. I’ve rarely seen such brilliance at this level.”

Timothy Rich Graduates As of Tuesday,  July 25, 2017 it is  Reverend Timothy Rich