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A ‘Treatment’ is not about convincing God to do something for us. It is becoming aware of the God presence within.

Follow these simple steps to create a Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) for yourself. Or call upon one of our practitioners.


Step one: Recognition:

We acknowledge that within the universe there is ONE pervading presence, ONE force encompassing everything that is in existence, ONE energy from which all things are made of. Many people throughout the ages have called this Source of all things, God. The name is not important, what matters is that we recognize this truth.


Step two: Unification:

Having recognized the magnificence and awesome power of the ONE presence that is absolutely everywhere within the universe, we realize that this same intelligence that created everything, does not stop being where we are. Therefore It is within us; It is the substance that life is made of. In this step we become aware of who we really are: Divine beings made of the God’s energy and having a human experience.


Step three: Realization:

We name our desire(s) with the feeling that as we do this, it is already ours. We are moving away from the feeling of ‘wanting’ to the feeling of ‘having’ already received.


Step four: Thanksgiving:

We summon, from within ourselves, a feeling of gratitude. Of course, the Source of ‘ALL That Is’, does not need our gratitude to function; it is rather an attitude of gratitude that opens our consciousness to receiving even more good. As the Law of the universe is such that what we focus on, is what we manifest in our experience, when we are focused on the good that we already having, then we can only attract more good.


Step five: Release:

Once we have accomplished the four previous steps, all we need to do is trust. We release it to the wisdom and the love of the universe. The Creator does not require our input on ‘how’ our desire is manifesting itself for us!