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         February 24, 2018     2 p.m.

          Center for Spiritual Living

             117 S. Locust, Visalia

What can we do in these times of divisiveness toward unification? It may be that each of us first needs to unify any separations within his/her individual self. When we identify our own biases, for example, and learn to be compassionate and forgiving toward ourselves, we acquire tools of civil, productive interactions with others. Beauty as a Universal Presence can serve to guide and inspire us in this effort.

In this talk, Betty will open with a guided visualization, describe her own search to end separations, share her experience with Beauty, and offer suggestions from her understanding of Beauty in order to move toward unification in our current times. She will end with selected readings from her book, “Is It Beautiful? A Journey from Separation toward Unification.”

Beautiful Communication

A free talk by

Betty Luceigh

Author of

Is It Beautiful?