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Senior Minister’s Message. . .

In the Science of Mind we use the metaphor of planting a seed in the soil to represent the way our thoughts create our experience. At this time of year, when the harvest is coming, it seems good to focus on the fruits of our thoughts. As we grow in consciousness we begin to weed our garden, clearing out the weeds of destructive and negative thought. We clear debris and trash, rocks and rough soil so that as we move forward in consciousness we have a clear plot of land in which to plant our new thoughts.

Then we begin to test out the process. We plant a seed for a raise at work and with the right feeling within to super charge the growth, the raise comes through. We plant a seed for peace of mind in the midst of a chaotic world and find ourselves transcending the outer experience and centering down into that Peace within. These new thoughts really do bring with them a new experience.

The partner of our thoughts in generating these new experiences is our feelings. Our thoughts, paired up with deeply experienced feelings are the sun and rain on the soil of our gardens. In other words, once we have generated the new thought our next step is to feel what it feels like to have the new experience. For instance, if our desire is for a deeper experience of the Spirit within, we imagine what it would feel like to have the deepest possible experience of God. By dwelling on the new feeling, the new experience can’t help but to be drawn into our lives. This is the law of action and reaction.

One of the fruits of a deeper consciousness is the unconditional positive regard for all of life—for all the Universe. We begin to see the Unity behind and within all life.  A bi-product of this unconditional positive regard is a desire to serve our community and help where we can. I invite you to look around for ways that you can be of service to the world. Perhaps you can volunteer at a food bank or read to children or the elderly. Perhaps you can volunteer by preparing a meal for a sick friend or help someone run some errands. When you get still and listen for what is yours to do, it will be crystal clear. In serving others we are truly serving Spirit.

In your service,

Rev. Timothy

This Great Love Inside Me

I am so small I can barely be seen.
How can this great love be inside me?

Look at your eyes. They are small,
but they see enormous things.

Trans./Compiled by Coleman Barks. 
The Essential Rumi. Harper San Fransisco, 1997.