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Senior Minister’s Message. . .

I find as one year ends and another begins I mentally take an inventory of my successes and perceived failures (learning opportunities).

“No one who has tried this has failed; it would be impossible to do so. If any have thought they have failed, let them realize that somewhere they have fallen short of the divine calling. The Truth cannot fail, for it is God, the Absolute and Unconditioned One, who is the Truth.”

-Holmes, Ernest (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (p. 471). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.

I then attempt to reconcile my personal expectations. (remembering that all pain and disappointment come from having expectations) And yet, I feel compelled to measure. And I am pretty sure I am not the only one. So, as you look back over the last year I would invite you only to compare yourself today to your self of yesterday. Have you taken steps along your path that are leading toward enlightenment? I am sure you have. Make sure to give as much weight to the successes as you do the learning opportunities.

Joseph Campbell writes about the Hero’s Journey

That deep calling from within, our unrealized potential. Often it is our shadow, the part of our self that is rejected over time. The Hero’s Journey is a step onto this path of true inner calling. The previous self disintegrates and new self emerges reborn. Unrealized potential within is discovered.

Here are the steps along the Hero’s journey:

1. Our hero’s journey begins in the world of the mundane, a place where there is not pain and suffering and yet at the same time is devoid of passion. Career? Relationship?

2. Call to adventure … something shows us there is another place, another way.

3. Often we refuse the call because of fear or risk.

4. But when we cross the threshold anyway there is an energy within that moves us beyond.

5. We find a new world as hero on our journey, on a path of tasks and challenges, fears and temptations. How do I do this? Doubts and easy ways out distract us from our true path. But we make new friends who support us on our journey.

6. Often we meet a mentor, a wise person who has been there before that can guide us. In the end we will have to continue without them.

7. Challenges are inevitable. There are forces intent on stopping us from outside or inside.

8. We learn to survive in this new world, and develop new tools and ways of being as we overcome obstacles.

9. Destination? The ultimate gift is the insight gained about this new world and the self you’ve uncovered. Knowing our true potential, who we really are.

10. Then we return to the world from which we came but it will never be the same. We have been transformed. We become the master of 2 worlds, better equipped for the next hero journey, awaiting our next adventure.

I invite you to take your Hero’s journey this year!

Much Love and Blessings,

Rev. Timothy

New Beginnings